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Aydın İlhan
Hayrettin Gümüşdağ


Sport is a branch of science that improves and affects people physically, as well as increases the quality and quality of their behavior psychologically. Good peer relations and social environment at school are also effective in the student's sports success. School has an important place in the life of every athlete in terms of features such as the discovery, development, and upbringing of children. Talented athletes with a sports culture will emerge with the cooperation of a family who guides the student correctly and a teacher who acts in accordance with the development of the student. The aim of this research is to examine the psychological well-being of the athlete students who continue their primary school education. The study group of the research consists of 11 men and 4 women, totally 15 primary school students and athletes. The research was conducted with the qualitative study method. The data collection method was carried out using a semi-structured interview form. In the study, 4-item questions prepared by the researchers were used. The questions were asked to the participants face-to-face in the form of semi-structured interviews. All the interviews were recorded with a voice recorder, informing the participants, and then transcribed. In the analysis of the data, the ideas obtained with the semi-structured interview form were evaluated with the inductive method. As a result of the research, when we look at the psychological well-being of primary school athletes, it is seen that environmental factors are more determinant besides the performance results of the athletes. It is seen that the psychological states of the athletes, family structure, parental attitudes and the effects of sisters and siblings are at the forefront.

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Aydın İlhan, Pamukkale University, Health Sciences Instition, Denizli

Dr. İlhan is a graduate of METU, Education Faculty, Physical Education and Sports Department, Ankara University, Physical Education and Sports Master's Degree and Phd, İzmir Ege University Health Sciences, Physical Education and Sports Department. Provides tennis branch training.