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Beyza Akyüz


 In this study, it is aimed to reveal the importance of physical training in e-sports. Today, with the development of technology, people have become sedentary and even carried the sports in their lives to the virtual world. E-sports is a good example of this subject. It is necessary to find an answer to the question of how this situation can be made healthier, taking into account the harm that may occur in terms of health, although it is a sport performed in the virtual environment and on the computer. At this point, the subject that should be emphasized is movement education and physical education. Physical and mental training is curicial important for e-sports players to continue their careers without losing their health. In this case, besides the technical training of the athletes, it is necessary to give importance to their mental and physical training and to add educational programs on awareness of health and performance. Articles about the requirements of e-sports, physiological and mental reflections of e-sports, negative and positive effects of e-sports on players’ health,  physical training, movement education and e-sports have been researched and compiled and the importance of physical training in terms of e-sports has been tried to be revealed. E-sports is a virtual competition between people and electronic games. In recent years, as the rapid development of technology and the place of digitalization in human life have increased, electronic games have taken their place in the world of sports and the number of both players and spectators has grown exponentially. This situation has created anxiety in terms of the health of the society, which is becoming more and more inactive with each passing day. In this case, the focus is to answer the question of how it can be made healthier for both the e-sports player and the society. At this point, we meet the concepts of movement training and physical training emerge. The inclusion of physical training in e-sports training and its regular implementation has critical importance.

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Beyza Akyüz, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Fenerbahçe University, İstanbul, Turkey

Beyza Akyüz graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching. She is currently working as faculty member at Fenerbahçe University, Department of Coaching Education. Field of study is movement and training and exercise physiology