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Cengiz Kesik


In the current study, is aimed to reveal what kind of practices can be good examples in the first literacy teaching process based on the opinions of primary teachers. For this purpose, the study was designed according to the nested single case design, one of the qualitative research designs. The study group of the study is composed of eighteen primary teachers selected by using the criterion sampling method. A standardized open-ended interview form was used as a data collection tool, and the obtained data were analyzed using content analysis. According to the results obtained, the primary school teachers are of the opinion that including games and materials necessary for these games, using digital platforms related to literacy, doing dictation exercises, rhyme reciting, teaching with rhythm and music, creating stories and regular reading activities in the classroom are useful in the initial literacy teaching process. Outside the classroom, it was determined that they found practices such as making children play in the schoolyard, ensuring parental support, giving less homework, using WEB 2.0 tools, recommending mobile literacy applications and writing exercises with natural materials. The primary teachers made suggestions to increase the quality of the initial literacy teaching process, such as using gamification, giving greater importance to practice, creating positive emotions in parents and children, and taking into account the developmental characteristics of children.

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